obsidian art

by Hannah Gorrie

With all the volcanic action we have seen recently, Obsidian is becoming a topic in the minds of crystal healers.

Obsidian is a naturally formed volcanic glass, it is formed when molton lava cools very quickly, it is without crystal growth which enables the edges of obsidian to become very thin, often called blades, hence the use in...

times gone by for tools and weapons. Obsidian can come in many colours including, Black, rainbow and snowflake. Each colour of obsidian has its own healing property that stands out from the dominant black obsidian, however, the threads of the black obsidian properties run through each of the individual obsidians.

Obsidian historically has been used by seers. It is said that the powers of obsidian are connected with the moon and can help those that can see into the other realms of life, into the future, into the past and into the realms of the hidden. No matter which type of obsidian you may use they all have earthy tones in their colour scheme, each having a strong connection with the Earth which then has a connection with the Archangel Uriel keeping us strong and in touch with our rooted self.

Carrying a piece of obsidian will hold you to the earth and create a barrier of protection around you, warding off feelings of mistrust or uncertainty. Elders have often spoken of a dark cloak wrapped around figures that herald protection; the cloak could be described as the obsidian, a dark cloak that can be penetrated only by those that have been welcomed into the sanctity of trust.

Obsidian is volcanic glass, you can if thin enough see right through it, it is far from a rose tinted glass due to the depth in colour, but you do get a sense of seeing life as it should be, or how it really is. Life is golden if you really look into its true depth, but sometimes you have to look through the rough to appreciate the smooth, obsidian could be described as the truth behind the myth of power, the strength behind the rose, look through an obsidian looking glass and you will see the golden light, the truth behind the circus, the knowledge behind the uncertainty and realization that we are all here together and a part of the same story.

rainbow obsidian

Obsidian was widely used and very common place in the lives of the Maya, an advanced civilization that once again show us that their vast knowledge of construction and life art is way beyond anything we have today, even with the advancement of many technologies we now hold. The Maya used obsidian as a tool but also for ritual. There are many Mayan sites where archeological digs regularly unearth an obsidian artifact. The obsidian can often be found among the remains of animals, but also in human burial grounds, these being carvings added to the grave for possibly death or after life rituals. No matter what they were used for, the fact that they could carve and use their knowledge in this prolific stone shows how much knowledge they did possess.

The next time you hear of a volcano or you pass a piece of obsidian, pay a thought for the history that it holds, the knowledge it could give and the strength it possess. Often in our daily lives we wouldn’t see the magnificence of such a dark rooted mineral, but hidden inside each piece there are magical words and mystical powers to be unleashed.

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