This once quarterly publication encompasses a wide range of topics all relating to minerals whether untouched, faceted, carved, shaped, polished, fossilised, set in jewellery or beads. We have articles including how to: find your minerals, create a jewellery masterpiece by setting your favourite mineral in precious metal or stringing mineral beads to form a unique necklace. prepare your stone by cutting, faceting and polishing with the art of lapidary crystal healing properties and uses of crystals and minerals within ancient and modern times. As long as there's a rock we'll talk about it!


The magazine has been in-print since 1997 and in 2010 we began publishing an emag version, the printed version has been available at the Rock n Gem and Bead n Gem shows, a growing number of retail outlets, museum, societies and Libraries, but since issue 70 we've decided to go completely online and publish all material and news free of charge online as it happens!

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To see a list of mineral, crystal, gemstone, fossil shows/events both UK and worldwide visit our show page, if you organise or know of a show please get in touch to list it here.

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