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The February and March gem shows were disappointing for cutters, the Chinese presence was low (partly due to the Chinese New Year
and it’s subdued market.

The Russian presence was almost non-existent due to pressure on the Russian Rouble. Middle Eastern, American and European
buyers were present and demand was strong for specific goods but the market was lacking in quality material.
This was especially true for Sapphires; top quality stones were available but it was predominantly banded material and regardless
of what was willing to be paid the non-banded material was nowhere to be seen.
Cutters of Zambian rough emerald reported that they were using stockpiled inventory and had not been buying new rough due to high
It was implied that the higher prices seen at the Gemfields sight offerings were to blame. Using stockpiled inventory is a short term
solution and so price rises in cut emerald material are sure to be around the corner.

Ruby rough is in short supply; many dealers are only able to source material to order and are not keeping stock due to the low and
erratic supply. This has a knock effect that the cutters are only producing shapes which are in high demand.
This leaves short supply, principle in straight sided shapes (squares, octagonal etc).
The high prices of the ‘precious’ gemstones such as ruby, sapphire and emerald and the marketing of ‘semi precious’ materials by big jewellers (especially shopping channel retailers) is creating much more gemstone awareness.
This is leading to demand in most coloured gemstones.
Morganite is in high demand. Peachy and baby pink material is selling very well with demand for round small strong coloured stones outstripping supply.

Paraiba Tourmaline was offered by many dealers and the quality was very high; the prices reflected this with good quality carat plus stones being offered at around £2500pct with 10ct plus stones at £23000pct.


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