gemstoe market report issue 66

a regular feature provided by RM Weare & Co

We are seeing more and more synthetic materials on the market. The use of synthetic materials does not have a negative effect on the trade, but the mis-selling of synthetics as natural or the incorrect description of gem material certainly has a bad impact. We see this in the number of items sent to us where the retail customer requires a valuation on what they understand to be natural material but after testing proves to be synthetic. We see this most frequently in fracture filled Ruby, this treatment should be disclosed as it has a big impact on the value of a stone; 1ct sized fracture filled stones wholesale at around £25 per carat but a similar natural heated stone will wholesale above £250 per carat.

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Gem Market Report issue 60

market report a regular feature provided by R M Weare & Co

It is estimated that the market for coloured gemstones will see a massive fivefold increase over the next decade from 2bn US$ currently to 10bn.  This will be fuelled largely by demand from rapidly developing economies, with an unsurprising expectation that supply is likely to fall well behind demand.

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