art clay - the celtic love knot

The interlacing pattern of this Celtic Knot with no beginning and no end symbolises eternity

Draw or source a Celtic Knot design on paper, use a sharp craft knife to cut around the outline.

Accuracy is key to the success of this piece you need to also check the symmetry of the outline, do this by folding it in half to check.

Use a little badger balm or olive oil on a work surface. Roll out the clay 1.5mm thick. Apply a generous coating of badger balm to the paper template. Use a needle tool to cut around the outline and pierce into the clay to remove the apertures of the design.

While the clay is still soft use the tip of the needle tool to mark out the design in the clay,  next allow this to dry thoroughly.

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Use sanding grits and files to refine the outline and the apertures of the design and then use a triangular file around the knotted design to define the shape of the interlacing pattern.
To add the textured surface use a needle tool to make small scratch lines, following the flow of the knotted design.

To make a bail cut out a strip of clay 0.5cm wide roll over a straw and allows to dry. Once dry, carefully remove the straw, file and refine the bail and use a little paste to adhere to the main body of the pendent.
Dry once more.

Fire the whole piece kiln fire 8ooºC for 15 mins torch fire for a minimum of 6minutes or fire on the gas hob for about 10 minutes.
Quench, wire brush oxidize in Liver of sulpher and polish with a soft cloth and metal polish.

20g Art Clay Silver
1.5mm spacer bars
Brass brush
Sanding grits
Polishing papers
Craft knife or needle tool
A little paste or syringe
Paper to draft pattern

To create the scratch design apply a damp paint brush to the surface of the clay first, this will make the scratch texture easier to achieve. Before using your needle tool dip it into the badger balm, it will glide like butter through your clay and not leave any dragging.

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