Plucking some rough from the ever growing piles is no doubt fun at times but also an increasing weight to bear, creating a space just shouts louder for more finds & purchases to fill, this green and yellow agate called loudest, perhaps gaining in popularity,
it seems to have adopted the name of the mythical singer orpheus from the (same region) Rhodope Mountains Bulgaria which was first given to the mineral Hinsdalite, nevertheless this agate is found with celadonite(silicates of manganese, iron, potassium)
and brown, yellow jaspers, with it occasional clear or dendritic areas it can produce wonderful landscapes.

rock n gem magazine issue 70
article from rock n gem magazine issue 70

We only had a small handful or two of the rough minerals, so after flushing out the barrels in it went. It must have been the longest ever tumble we’ve done so far, mostly because after a workshop relocation the tumbler stayed unplugged throughout the winter, I could see it from a distance but the logistics of actually laying hands on it eluded me until recently.
After the 1st & 2nd stage of tumbling there seemed to be some likely looking candidates for showing off, however as the final polish is just over a week in I can only hint at the finished stones by showing them a little wet.
It does look worthy of further investment.


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