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Dear Editor, Please forward to Barry Taylor.
Dear Barry Taylor,
Having been made aware of your agate interest by your letter to Ed., may I ask your advice on sourcing rough material
similar in colour to attached image. This is part of a 17thC German sword hilt so no doubt was originally found in Idar,
Any thoughts, please?
Sincerely, L W

by email

Dear Editor
In reply to the letter by LW the agate location can be narrowed down, firstly no banding is evident and there are very few locations that have green agate. In Germany the most likely origin is Oben Achate from Idar Oberstein. I note that there is a hint of red in the picture which makes me think this could be a Bloodstone Jasper which could produce the best match; this material is available on several American websites at around $45 per pound.
Barry Taylor

Dear Editor

 loved the spring issue of rock n gem and was very interested in the cover picture of a satalite image. I have often seen cut rock slices that look like images from space and attach an example where it seems a river is running through a landscape, this slice of Landscape Marble is 1 inch by 1.5 inches and was bought at the last Kempton Show.
Barry Taylor

Dear Editor
I was recently given a piece of Amethyst from Brazil and after cleaning it I noticed some orange spheers 3mm in diamiter on some of the crystals. I have looked closely at these and they appear to be Citrine,a photograph is attached. I wondered if any of your readers come accross anything similar
Barry Taylor

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