Dear Editor

For some time I have been considering the idea of gold digging in the UK, the recent US documentaries I have to admit are fuelling my ambition. I came across a gold prospecting map from a website and thought it may be worth a try. As I live in Scotland I tried there first not having to travel far. I went with the correct tools and enthusiasm to find that actually it is a long drawn out process and not very profitable (if I were in for a living). It did make me realise that all those years ago when our ancestors traipsed off abroad to make their fortunes, how hard it must have been, and in my case for what. I wanted to write to you not just to tell you my story but to highlight to any hopeful gold diggers out there that actually it is a good day out but don’t expect gold at the end of it, and whatever you do don’t spend a fortune on tools (I have learnt my lesson).

Thanks, Rock n Gem

Tom. A (recreational) Gold Digger

(Ed. Shhh..we’re also fans of a little gold, gem & fossil prospecting, but please make sure you adhere to rules and regulations when it comes to ‘collecting, perhaps some of the readily publicised locations are where gold used to be!)

Dear Rock n Gem

I went to a show recently and found a large array of pyrite. The many forms it grows in are fascinating. i notice that there are letters each issue by J Jocelyn and wondered if they had ever come across any unusual structures of Pyrite. It is simply amazing to me how it manifests into a cube or a as I was told once a ‘sun’. I wasn’t given any information as to why they are different or what makes them different or if in deed there are any other pyrite structures that are more on the rare side? I would be grateful if J. Jocelyn (Ed. or another reader) could perhaps let me know in the next edition?
By the way I do enjoy the opinions of J Jocelyn - thank you for your contribution each edition.

Many thanks,

S. Green

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