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rock n gem magazine issue 70
from rock n gem magazine issue 70

by judy hall
released late 2016
96 pages
rrp £8.99

Do you love the idea of living mindfully but find it impossible, in practice, to stay focussed on the present moment?
I find descriptions of mindfulness sometimes confusing, preferring just ‘a quiet mind’ or free from thoughts...Judy Hall probably the most prolific crystal therapy author today has a new book entitled ‘Crystal mindfulness

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Crystal Oversoul New Earth Attunements rrp £14.99

by Michael Eastwood.
Be warned that this is a part 2 to the previously available ‘Crystal Oversoul Attunements’, however it can be used independently.
It contains 22 healing cards, book and 2 meditation CD’s.

The pack is glossy and is a nice gate folded box, the card images are graphic generated mandalas obviously using the ‘topic crystal’ as inspiration.
The booklet is a transcribe of the CD’s themselves so you can take time in understanding the messages provided. The authors native language is English so listening to the CD’s we found after a while we could comfortably understand the spoken words without trying too hard.
As before the author produced the work from information intuitively passed to him from the ‘Oversouls’. The objective is to align & clear your aura and chakras in line with the current ‘new earth’ we now inhabit.
The Oversouls say the cards will help if your life force feels stuck or heavy helping you to get into the correct dimensional reality. too much ‘listening’.
Definately of consideration for those involved in using crystals with healing, therapies and visualisation / meditation techniques. Others may struggle!

Crystals For Healing And Healers

rock n gem magazine issue 69
article from rock n gem magazine issue 69

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Crystals For Healing And Healers
by Judy Hall

judy hallI have been working with crystals all my life both for healing and scrying. I instinctively
wear one each day, intuitively place several on a client’s birth chart when doing a past life reading to bring about karmic healing - or
on a client if I see them face to face; or I hold one for a few moments to energise it and then send it wherever it is needed. My home always has crystals around because they feel good to me, and many are pro-grammed to help other people, or the world. But it wasn’t until I wrote the first edition of The Crystal Bible ten years ago that I appreciated quite what I’d been intuitively doing for so long, how many crystals there are, and the enormous range of healing possibilities they encompass (and there are now so many more that I’ve had to write volume 2!).

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Crystal Prescriptions Crystal Solutions To Electromagnetic Pollution And Geopathic Stress An A-Z Guide

Volume 3, by Judy Hall, pages 270 rrp £8.99

After the previous A-Z guides from this renown Keen to peep at this new book from Judy Hall I tore open the envelope and quickly flicked through the pages and noticed it was packed full of text, a lot information, but not a glossy crystal
picture in sight.
There’s lots of background and explanation relating to electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress, having traced and sat in the odd leyline and picked up on disturbing vibes in the past I was keen to explore.
There’s some scientific research along with a host of research references and articles for the reader to explore further or validate what they were reading.
Initially you could be shocked & surprised by the effects of exposure to EMF & GS can potentially have on a person, the 6 stages of geopathic stress can appear quite daunting, but a list of the 20 commonly helpful crystals are included(no pictures though) along with many pages of symptoms, conditions and helpful stones, the actual A-Z which starts at page 149 , ending at page 252 There’s also advice on how best to look after and use the crystals, the chakra system, the different types of dowsing you can use and importantly a chapter on finding your prescription which highlights that we’re all different and need to determine the combination of crystals and practices which are appropriate for ones self.
What I struggle with is that the list contains a number of ‘man made crystals’ or glass and also the commercial trade mark names, (there’s thousands of minerals why make new names).
Definitely a must read for the crystal healer and those concerned with their environment and the effects technology and modern living can have on us today, with a wealth of techniques and suggestions on how to alleviate its impact.

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