by judy hall
released late 2016
96 pages
rrp £8.99

Do you love the idea of living mindfully but find it impossible, in practice, to stay focussed on the present moment?
I find descriptions of mindfulness sometimes confusing, preferring just ‘a quiet mind’ or free from thoughts...Judy Hall probably the most prolific crystal therapy author today has a new book entitled ‘Crystal mindfulness

rock n gem magazine issue 70
from rock n gem magazine issue 70

Described as an easy guide incorporating 24 crystals for mindfulness, each with a spectacular photograpgh....
good pictures of crystals are always difficult and within this book time has been taken using a uniform black background to produce a good representation of the crystal in question, a combination of natural and polished examples are present.
There’s an introduction and explanations of mindfulness and associated research.
The information in the book can be used in several ways, a suggested option for those that can’t wait(or perhaps less mindful than others) can flick through and tune in to a crystal and follow the exercise listed, although its suggested that they could take a few minutes, no actual time suggestion is given, we’re told that some can attain instant results
whilst other may need further practice.
Each crystals also has a concise description of its properties, on the whole similiar to those in previous books by the author(we checked!) Although as individuals some my think differently.
My particular favourite statement associated to Sprit Quartz - Understand who you truley are’ keywords depth, vastness, unity
I think its a great idea to approach the perhaps tough topic of mindfulness with using crystals and perhaps it’ll help those more crystasl focussed to explore another discipline and those more mindful to pop a crystal in their pocket!

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