by Margaret Ann Lembo

Mind Body Spirit shops are awash with card decks, often with comprehensive instructions for involved and sometimes complex layouts, 3 card, 5 card spreads and more.
However Margaret Ann Lembo based in Florida has provided something a little different, instructions are provided but just to shuffle, pick, connect to the gemstone by gazing upon it’s image, then read the text. Which is a combination of identifying
why you selected that gemstone and a message provided to guide you to work with it.

For example Amazonite “Are you holding back something you need to say?” “The truth about a certain matter needs to be spoken. Honesty is important at this time. Have the courage to speak up ith grace. Loving words have the power to heal or improve a situation”.
Then turn the card to read the affirmation from the angel associated with that particular gemstone, in this case “Angel of Truth and Honesty” There’s also a suggestion of using a set of 7 picked cards for a more comprehensive reading...
The quality of the cards are on a par with other similar decks, the images are predominately of tumbled stone examples with a few natural crystals and the odd polished point.
The colour and brightness perhaps a result of the production process.
Having the gemstone and angel message combined is a definite positive for keeping a deck to hand for moments of guidance and inspiration.

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