Unfolding Our Light Creating Crystal Mandalas To Awaken and Heal

By Michael Eastwood - 159 pages
£9.99 cover price (publisher price £7.99)
“This book will help you to work with the ten auric layers and chakras of your energy body using ten attunements,

the nine personal chakras and the earth star chakra.”

From that statement alone you should recognise that this book is aimed directly at those that follow a more modern spiritual path and are open to different types of vibrational therapy.

I guess less people are now reading this paragraph, Michael shares with us the moment his awareness shifted and he visited the crystal collective soul or master for a particular stone.

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This happened for different stones and he was privileged to be able to share the information imparted by the newly named oversoul. Michael published an earlier book and card in 2011 which has visual interpretations to connect you to a mandala image linked to a particular crystal oversoul. This book is more of a continuation of that work but focussing on using those cards, crystals, and crystal properties to attune to the chakras and auric levels.

A point to note that the chakra system referenced isn’t align with traditional thinking but enhanced by the author. It is emphasised that the correct oversoul cards are used for each attunement, however not all crystals suggested have to be.
There is a fairly concise explanation of crystal properties so this could be an independent reference for those that don’t have the original card deck & book and just wish to meditate or work with individual stones.

At the end of the book theres a chapter explaining how to create and use crystal essences with an adaptation using the crystal oversoul cards. For each attunement, auric layer a crystal mandala layout is shown with the oversoul cards, carefully positioned on a wooden (probably floor) background however it appears either with the photography or printing process that the images aren’t as bright as they could be, a lighting issue perhaps? Much nicer are a couple of sample mandala layouts on grass which in my opinion enhances the overall presentation.

In summary whilst the book is very informative it really needs you to also own the Oversoul cards in order to fully utilise its potential. So I would suggest you investigate with more than a casual perusal prior to purchasing.

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