'Your first aid manual for preventing and treating common ailments from allergies to toothache'.
Michael Gienger £4.99 available early 2014
64 pages
This pocket or handbag sized informative little book lists just 12 'healing crystals' but provides a detailed description of each one and the associated illness's & disorders the author has evidence of them treating.

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rock and gem magazine issue 62 winter 2013

The book is aimed at those interested in the art of crystal healing from novice to experienced therapist, the objective to use 12 of the common crystals readily available rather than more obscure minerals difficult to obtain both in a physical and monetary sense!

Readers will find the book's contents listed in sections relating to condition for example allergies and rashes, stomach and digestion, muscles and tendons and so on…

The referenced page will explain about a major crystal with a full page image, physical & non physical properties whilst on the following page alternative and associated crystals will also be listed.

You are also provided with methods of application for example place on area affected, wearing of pendants, gem elixirs and so on, a further section towards the end of the book describes these application techniques in more detail.

Definitely a useful reference book that can be carried around and be on hand for when the need arises.

Michael Gienger is a well-known and reputable author of many books relating to the field of crystal healing, his well-researched , concise and easy to comprehend publications are a must for anyone interested in the field of crystal healing.


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