Published Winter 2012

Rock and gem magazine issue 58

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Dear Reader,

No snow yet just rain and more rain as we head towards the festive season we do hope that 2013 will be a happy event filled year for you, we have certainly adapted to changes in 2012 some joyful, challenging, some caused by the decisions of others. But you just have to roll with them and adapt it's the only way to gain from life’s experiences!
Our website will be changing soon as well in order for people to be able to subscribe to the magazine's e-format which is very handy for overseas readers, you'll also be able to see a few extras such as live links and the occasional video footage.
In this magazine we bring you some show reviews, great images and a plethora of news. I'm sure we all know that minerals are used in pharmaceuticals, medicines and other products, I know we'd all like to see stunning specimens and unique carvings however on page 17 a couple show that giving up the daily toil adopting, enhancing and marketing a little known use of jade could create a new company. Our famed space rocks expert shares a history of meteorites on page 30. Our cover picture is from the Nikon small world competition (page 12) always worth a look, (...they take pictures of non rocks as well!) We at the Rock n Gem Magazine would like to wish all of our readers and followers a happy Christmas and New Year and take this opportunity to thank youfor your continued support, we never tire of reading your letters, comments, suggestions and articles, we will always do our best to include all that we receive. We are sure that for some of you interesting specimens, jewellery, books or mineral delights will find there way into your stockings, we certainly hope so. Tell us what they are, take a few pictures you never know you might get a mention.
Don’t forget the 12/12/12, it is a rare event, not one to be missed. Enjoy the read.
Steve, Hannah, baby Jack, Max and team!

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