Published Spring 2013

rock n Gem magazine issue 59

This issue includes articles on:-

rhodium minerals,

fossils called thunderbolts - belemnites,

desert roses,

making jewellery with freeform shapes,

meteorites in ancient times 2,

ooh! that’s rough- selecting rough stone to cut,

minerals of the world by walter schumann book review

history & lore of agate

fossil news, gemstone market report & general news issue 59, letters, crystal shop & website directories, listings

dear reader

Dear Reader,
The memory of Christmas may have faded but there's probably a little less room in your collection cabinet or an extra healing crystal in the 'tool kit'. I doubt I will be watching much more TV what with a one year old little man to keep me on my toes but I have noticed a little more coverage for the mineral world, whether it's placement of some nice natural or polished formations in the homes of drama characters or specific documentaries.
The end of 2012 also saw the demise of the British Lapidary & Mineral Dealers Association, perhaps a new group will rise from the ashes.
As winter draws to a close many mineral dealers can be found state-side at the Tucson shows catching up and getting an insight of the year ahead, we hear that trading was a little subdued this year. As the shows came to an end Russia became the home for yet another meteorite, very little material 'landed' and none officially was released commercially however the internet was awash with samples to buy!

Very soon the website will have a fresh look and the long awaited e-mag shall be available, so do have a look and let us know what you think.
This issue we have part 2 of the excellent article meteorites in ancient times on page 30, we seem to have a few news articles (page 10) relating to issues skyward this time. An informative article on page 18 - what to look for when selecting rough stones for cutting and yes please don't spit on the stones before you buy them! An example of setting unusual shaped crystals on page 28, which highlights that it's just about adapting your technique and methods.
You may have the luxury of a heated workshop but for those that don't now is the time to venture out and dust off covers and apply a little maintenance before getting creative and helping nature display it's marvels to their very best!

Steve, Hannah, baby Jack, Max and team!

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