Published Spring 2014

rock and gem magazine issue 63

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dear reader

Just sometimes you have to take a break; we’re all good at telling folk about signs but also very good at ignoring those which head our way perhaps a minor cold or cough to get you to rest or a string of things not ‘going the way they should’, losing a cast piece of silver in a confined space never to be seen again or even getting a phone call asking what type of ‘Rock Magazine’ you are...and when was the last time you interviewed Bon Jovi! So this issue might have arrived a few days later than expected but there were good reasons.
Spring has definitely appeared a few days of sunshine is a tonic for most and seems to be the impudence we need to start new projects, are you embarking on a stone related pursuit? A new rock collecting expedition - do let us know.
Myself I seemed to have treated my workshop to a couple of additions, another tumble polisher and 2nd hand combination machine which I’m sure will feature as a mini refurbishment project. It must be catching because we have noticed quite a lot of ‘stone machines’ available on the new and 2nd hand markets, even equipment from the early 80’s seems to be holding a premium, us budding lapidarists seem to be a resourceful lot, recently we heard of folk collecting off cuts of stone from kitchen worktop suppliers for some prolific cabbing - what else are you up to, please let us know.
We have some wonderful “Translucent Agate” images from Barry Taylor on page 14 and an informative article on Rubies by Ruby, an apprentice who’s spending some time in our office over the next few months shared between our Architectural consultant neighbours. It’s Rubys first time writing for a publication so we do hope you enjoy it. Rubies seemed the natural choice!
You can find chapter and verse on Fluorine minerals page 30, our magazine round up on the rather active fossil scene and the “Gems Report” by R.M. Weare page 4. We also have Tracey from Craftworx an expert in metal clay jewellery giving us an overview on the material, we hope you find it interesting, having purchased some clay ages ago and never opened the packets I’m looking forward to more metal clay projects that will follow in future issues.

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