Published Winter 2014

rockngem magazine issue 66

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dear reader

Hands up! Sorry we’re a little late with this issue..
maybe a few too many reasons but hopefully as we continue to work with improving the publication we’ll also be keeping to the schedule.
Whilst we’re apologising, remember the article in issue 65 that solved how to display your minerals in the best possible position “bespoke specimen stands” well in the rush to test out this method we omitted to mention the author, who is Mr John Bushell, photographer, mineral fan and mineral stand maker!
This issue we continue with some tumbling machine exploits on page 38, an article on the myths, legends and properties of jasper by our past apprentice Ruby(good luck Ruby in whatever you choose to do!).
Also in this issue Barry Taylor starts his series about zeolites and associated minerals, John Betterton continues with an in-depth article on carbon minerals page 30.
We have David Bryant’s (SpacerocksUK) with a new article on moon rock mysteries. The cold clear & dark winter nights do seem to draw ones gaze at the moment ever hopeful of some spectacular phenomenon. For those in the (draughty) workshop a step by step guide to making earrings with the raden technique.
So what did the gift season bring? Any interesting mineral acquisitions you’d like to share? Or perhaps new equipment, what are you planning?
Ok I admit the autumn/winter workshop tidy hasn’t happened just yet and I’ve been a little distracted with current events; however I feel it’s near and have my eye on all those stock piled cabbing slices that thought they’d been forgotten. Along with a little refurbishment of a not so recently acquired combination machine.
Don’t forget to make a note of the new year’s show dates, more information & events are listed on the magazine’s website (
Now I must get back to trying to get that mineral picture just right, why don’t camera batteries have a meter so you known when they’re going to need recharging!

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