Published Spring 2015


dear reader

So who’s made their “bespoke specimen stands” yet?
It was a difficult decision to miss omit another tumbling machine exploit but you’ll be pleased to know that after a brief pause, tumblestone production is under-way again, do you have any ‘lapidary’ adventures you’d like to share with readers (and potential customers!) This issue Barry Taylor continues his series about zeolites and associated minerals on page 14 and John Betterton has an in-depth look at sulphur minerals page 30.
We have David Bryant’s (SpacerocksUK) with a new article entitled ice from above. More precious metal clay tuition from the talented Tracey of Craftworx demonstrating origami techniques with metal clay, suitable for a range of designs, not sure I can fold paper like that, see page 20 So it’s full steam through Spring and early Summer, time to complete those Winter projects and invigorate ourselves with some new challenges.
A letter page 43 has spurred us into reconfiguring the ‘lapidary’ section of the workshop and do more than think about the refurbishment we mentioned to the combination machine, more to follow.
Have you been to any shows this year? Find any thing interesting? Seen anything unusual not just the re-use of ice cream or Ferrero Rocher tubs for display!
We’re building a list of show dates, information & events on the magazine’s website (
Speaking of shows we’ve been informed that a small show in Cambridge is being planned, more information to follow.
Hopefully you’ve already planned some of your mineral, fossil, gemstone exploits for the year, we’d love to hear about them so we can share them with other


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