Published Summer / Autumn 2015


dear reader

Summers fading and we must apologise for the gap in issues, a few now resolved technical problems and other interruptions resulted in a prolonged absence, so to repeat Rock n Gem Magazine history we’re going to call this issue Summer/Autumn, our next being Winter. Don’t worry we’ll be extending subscriptions to account for 3 issues in 2015.
This issue Barry Taylor introduces us to Gypsum “Beauty & Necessity” on page 14. It’s a wonder of nature that such a possibly mundane mineral can also be so fragile & spectacular whilst being a major ingredient in most buildings.
John Betterton has an in-depth look at the metal minerals of thorium on page 30. We have David Bryant’s (SpacerocksUK) with a new article entitled Meteorites & Meteor showers on page 26.
We’re always talking of projects & draughty workshops, well we’ve just joined the trend of being garden building owners. Once we get over the somewhat challenging large pallet of timber filling the patio and work our way through assembly we’ll share some tales of our exploits.
Serious show season is approaching in Europe with the Munich Show at the end of October and later closer to home the Sussex show(interesting amber pic on their advert, page 43), there’s also a small show near Cambridge being planned, for more information see our show dates on page 11.
We’re kept entertained by ‘Ice Cold Gold’ a group of US miners prospecting in Greenland. Ice cold gold ‘fever’ includes glacier climbing, crevasse plunging all in a days work for the crew. Yelps of “gold on my body right now” are followed later by “nothin’ there” then a “we got gold”. Calamities include the equipment crate being dropped by helicopter and smashing on the rocks!
Well it’s back to the to do list which seems to have a life of its own.
Happy mineral collecting, cutting or just admiring!




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