Published Winter / Spring 2016


dear reader

No snow yet for us dwelling in East Anglia but the high winds and rain have helpfully shown me where I need to insulate and waterproof the workshop!
The end of 2015 saw the Rock Gem ‘n’ Bead shows under new management (see page 36), what will 2016 bring to visitors & exhibitors of these country wide events. Let us know what you think and which shows you like best and why!
This issue Barry Taylor reviews, reflects & revisits on inclusions with some stunning images in his article entitled ‘The Wonder of Quartz Inclusions’ on page 14.
With the festive season behind us the largest mineral & gem show stateside took place in February, did you visit? a smaller event is also held in the Autumn, how does it compare?
John Betterton has an in-depth look at the silicon minerals on page 30.
Our general news pages on 12 & 13, we managed to add, the meteorite sighting north of the border, anyone catch a glimpse. Obviously there isn’t a meteorite hotline but why are people calling 999 to report a sighting...
Hmm why didn’t I get the heating installed in the new, workshop prior to the ‘cold’ many delayed, projects on my to do list.
However nothing like ice diving for gold, a new, submersible robot dredger seems to be the way forward, harvesting three times the amount of gold per hour, compared to what a diver can do!, There is a wealth of information on gold prospecting, in the UK but we’ve yet to hear from anyone actively, pursuing the yellow stuff.
As always be careful when buying ‘out there’, as, inventive ways of manifesting mineral formations, are abundant from artificially irradiated minerals to, colourants and ‘stick ons’, Well it’s back to the to do list which seems to have a life, of its own as I hear a little voice saying its hiding Daddy, probably with some stones I lost the other day as I hunt, them down closely supervised by 4-year-old eyes!
Happy mineral collecting, faceting, polishing, jewellery, making, collecting or just admiring!




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