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Published Autumn 14

  • pyrite or fools gold
  • lapis lazuli -  a sodium calcium aluminum silicate
  • in-depth article on indium minerals
  • planetery craters: what made all those holes?
  • metal clay
  • Fossil, gemstone & general news, crystal shop & website directories, listings

Dear Reader

Summer was a hit with lots of sunshine and time for getting out and exploring, did you venture out fossil or mineral hunting?
Now we’re losing daylight by 3 mins a day so time to plan activities for those long winter evenings, will it be time in the workshop cleaning up those fossil finds, cut and polishing, or assembling some unique jewellery, if you’re embarking on a project let us know!
I’m sure we’ll be tempted by the odd drama documentary whether it will be searching for Gold in the Klondike, Ice Gold with ruby mining or even another advert-documentary on a Gem Jewellery TV seller.
There’s still some shows to attend, whether it be “at home” or further a field, don’t forget to check the show dates on page 11 or on the website http://www.rockngem-magazine.co.uk/rockngem-magazine-web-links/mineral-show-events.html

This issue we have featured exploits with a tumbling machine on page 38, an article on the myths, legends and properties of
moonstone by our apprentice Ruby, who continues to educate us on the trials and tribulations of the younger generation at work. Barry Taylor shares his knowledge on pyrite, page 14, John Betterton gives us an in-depth article on indium minerals page 30. Intrepid explorer David Gibson takes a break from his globe trotting mineral exploration to talk about the famous Royal Blue mineral Lapis Lazuli. We have David Bryant’s (SpacerocksUK) article on planetary craters Part 2, “What Made all Those Holes” on page 24. Speaking of holes, is it me or more news focus but does there seem to be more holes appearing, alleged meteorites or not!
What have you noticed this year? Are big gem and crystal pendants still so popular? have you seen lots of large beads being worn or is everything getting smaller and finer?
Is now the time for larger amethyst formations, making that statement purchase, there seems to be a lot of stock being advertised from Brazil at the moment, let us know what you’ve seen or think the trends will be over the next few months.
As we head into autumn, wholesalers are not doubt stocked up in anticipation and retailers are making their shopping lists ready for the festive season, don’t forget to make yours!
Oops we made a spelling mistake in issue 64, Sotherby’s rather than Sotheby’s, thanks for pointing it out to us!
Right lets plan that workshop autumn clean and make sure I acquire another heater!

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Rock n Gem Magazine Issue 65

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