Published Summer 2014

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dear reader

Despite having a few days overseas and hearing that it was as sunny in the UK our worries that we may have missed ‘summer at home’ were to be unfounded. However true to form we’ve managed to get caught out under more than one heavy shower whilst ‘rock & fossil’ exploring.
I’m sure I’m not alone but I seem to keep running out of space in the workshop, perhaps a complete empty out and start again is in order however I’ll need to build a little more enthusiasm for that. Do you have any layout or storage tips for making the most from your lapidary/jewellery making space?
Although I’m sure the Egyptians would envy the tools we use today, on page 34 Andrea Whytock tells us more on ancient lapidary.
We learn about rare earth metals Rubidium and gallium on page 30, whilst Ruby reminds us why we like opals so much and the myths & legends behind them.
Barry Taylor puts us right on Pseudo-Sedimentary Agates (page 14) with some lovely images as always.
Do you ever think about all the asteroids out there and the impact they’ve had on the earth and other planets, well David Bryant shares some of his knowledge on the subject (page 24).
We also have Tracey from Craftworx with a project for you using metal clay on page 38, have you tried yet or have some unopened packets sitting on your bench (like me).
I hope some of you are planning exciting fossil or mineral hunting trips over the summer months, if you’d like to share your exploits or recommend specific areas please get in touch.
Luckily the brief docu-soaps on gem hunting seem to be in the off season and we’re left with yet another season of Gold Rush on Discovery, having learnt that gold mining has to be adapted to the location and big equipment sinks in mud the ‘not so novice miners’ no doubt will rescue the poor season performance so far.
We’ve updated the show page on the website to be easier to view we list shows for the UK, and further afield if you organise or know of an event please let us know.
Oh my tumbler seems to have changed its melodic tune and I need to investigate so have a great summer and we’ll have more ‘Rock & Gem’ articles and news next time.

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