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On 2/9/14 you could see a documentary (or possibly an advertorial) giving a brief insight into the daily operation of Gems TV if you missed out you can watch it on catchup.

Highlights were the creation of a new name for spessartite garnet to make it more customer friendly and the admonishment of a potential sales presenter for sounding like a salesmen.

It would've been more informative if the producers had provided a more balanced view, covered other companies, assessed the quality, commissioned independent valuations, performed test purchased etc.

Surprisingly there was no mention (unless we dozed through it) of the company history and tie up with Thaigems a few years ago circa 2004 instead they focused on the now 'family run' aspect of the company.

Have you purchased from them or other TV 'gem channel' were you happy?

let us know what you think...

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