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how close will it be?

Worth noting in your diary that on Oct 12 2017 asteroid 2012 TC4 is thought to be pass by the earth extremely close...

rockngem magazine issue 67
from rockngem magazine issue 67


amber smuggling
Amber smuggling on the increase, over 280kg of amber were seized in 2014 on the Polish / Russian border, with Russia’s Kaliningrad oblast
having the largest amber deposits in the world and the current export ban, the illegal trade will continue.

on the high street
Ladywell Crystals and Healing of Glasgow is currently facing eviction after failing to pay their landlords for repairs to the property, in a dispute regarding historic damage & dry rot. Allegedly not discussed during the signing of a full repairing lease.
They have a petition on if you’d like to support their fight.

large drill required
Scientists plan to drill the Chicxulub crater to a depth of 1500m in order to examine the core and history dating back millions of years, the expedition to examine the ‘precursor’ to a dinosaur extinction event is scheduled to begin next year.

4.47 billion years old!
When did the moon-forming giant impact between a large proto-planet and the proto-Earth happen? Well NASA Solar System Exploration
Research Virtual Institute have studied evidence within stony meteorites and suggest that it could be 4.47 billion years ago!

zircon dating
Other researchers have measured the quantities of hafnium and lutetium within zircon from a meteorite thought to have originated from the asteroid Vesta, results suggest that a crust had already formed on the earth by 4.5 billion years ago.

Recently at Arroyo Pesquero, in Veracruz, Mexico an unusual jadeite carving was discovered from the Olmec period, researcher are unsure of exactly what it represents but suggest an abstract corn on the cob!

Beneath ash from Mount St. Helens(USA) researchers have discovered tool carved from orange agate, which is older than the eruption
some 15800 years ago suggesting it’s from the earliest human occupation west of the Rocky Mountains.

Sadly the much admired United Kingdom Journal of Mines & Minerals has ceased publication, listed as a “British magazine for the collector - mineralogist. Articles for mineral collectors, mine historians, museum curators and topographic mineralogists.” the publication although
only running for 34 issues was a wealth of mineral and mine information along with some great pictures. Recognised by it’s black background and stunning cover picture(although they briefly experimented with other colours), the journal sold out on most issues. Join us in asking that the publication be made available online for future enthusiasts. (Ed. happy to help with that)

Popular at auction are: a complete table(135cm) and chair set of fossilised wood from Indonesia for £7000 If you were looking for more of a centre piece a polished 64cm high upright freeform of Brazilian sodalite sold for £2500 Also of note a bumble bee jasper polished
slice also from Indonesia 31cm high for £2000 all sold via Summer Place auctions.

Presented at the American Chemical Society’s recent meeting, researchers suggested that levels of certain precious metals & rare earth
elements including gold are at sufficient levels in human waste to warrant trying to extract them...

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