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The Magic of Gemstones

(by Lui Krieg)
Healing Stones and their Properties

Gemstones are called Healing Stones if they have a noticeable effect on our physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing. The electromagnetic field of the stone interacts with the human body to transmit its ul11que information. This information is made up by the structure, mineral
content, vibration and colour of that particular stone. Th is triggers a certain reaction in our body when the healing is taking place. Stones that are used like this on a medical or therapeutic level are called Healing Stones.
Quality is most important! For best results these healing stones have to be genuine, of good quality and completely natural.
There is a direct link between the quality of the crystal and the quality of its properties. It is also important how the stone has been worked with.
If it has been cut, put into a certain shape or set into a piece of jewellery this can increase or decrease its powers.
Some gem stones on the market today are synthetically manufactured, radiated, heat treated, coloured or enhanced in different ways.
The usually loose some or all of their natural healing properties. So if you are looking for a good healing stone you are advised to shop around and seek professional advice if in doubt.
Always remember, if you buy a gem stone, what you pay for is the milling, cutting, shipping or handling, but all the magical powers, the healing properties and all the beauty are free for you to enjoy!

The Healing Properties of Gemstones

AGATE - A form of Chalcedony. Powerful physical healer, good for grounding and energizing. Stabilizes the energy field (aura); helps you to observe, change or accept personal circumstances. Balances male/female energy.
Also has protective qualities and eliminates negative energy.
AMBER - a fossilized resin from prehistoric trees. Has a very bright and positive energy, helps to transform negativity, helps to heal wounds physically and emotionally, works best in the naval and solar plexus area, stimulates and spiritualises the intellect, brings out artistic talents, has been given to warriors for good luck"
AMETHYST - from the quartz family The queen of the healing stones, activates the third eye and crown chakra and aids spiritual well being and contentment. Transmutes lower nature onto a higher and purer level, aids transformation on all levels. It helps to stabilise and strengthen one's energy level. It is "the stone of meditation" and aids psychic and channelling abilities, helps to find inner peace.
AQUAMARINE - a form of Beryl. It clears the mind and helps to express creativity and spiritual insight, calming, soothing and refreshing for mind/body/spirit. Accelerates spiritual and intellectual progress, "the stone of courage", gives you the strength to get through difficult situations. Works best on throat and third eye, and heart depending if blue or green.
AVENTURlNE - From the quartz family. Very calming and relaxing, purifies the mind and the emotions, promotes a positive attitude towards yourself and life, it activates the heart chakra and brings out love and affection.
AZURITE - Has a high copper content. Activates the third eye and throat, helps to give spiritual guidance and insight and helps you to express yourself in the best way. Helps to develop intuitive, psychic and channelling abilities, gives the courage to speak up for yourself at the right time or to remain silent when necessary. Very helpful for meditation to reach higher levels. Azurite and Malachite love to grow together and help the qualities of the mind (Azurite) to interact smoothly with the qualities of the heart. Help to express yourself from the heart.
BLOODSTONE - a form of Chalcedony. Refreshes, strengthens and oxygenates the blood stream, vitalizes the heart and brain functions, also used in the treatment of the spleen, kidneys, bladder and liver, reduces stress and tensions. Helps in the renewal of love, relationship and friendship. Connects the root chakra with the heart.
BOll STONE - A unique healing stone recently found in the USA made up mainly from Pyrite and Palladium. They come in paired as male and female. Very good grounding stone. Balances male/female energy. Cleans, recharges and stabilises the aura and removes any blockages. Helps to align the chakras. Relieves pain and discomfort.

In the next issue Lui will continue Iisting the most popular gemstones and their healing properties. Lui and his partner Tessa are owners if the Stone Age Shop and Crystal Healing Centre in the courtyard at Glastonbury. RG

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