2539-white-shelled-ammonite-1sml The magazine contains a regular fossil report, provided by an expert in the field, the latest news from the fossil is included every quarter, don't forget we'll always welcome your contributions as well!
Fossils originate from the remains of animals, plants, matter and creatures alive many thousands and millions of years ago.
The organic matter or tissue slowly becomes replaced by mineral stone and crystal.

There are variations of the fossilisation process, perhaps most well known are ammonites the spiral pattern commonly found in the UK and around the world.
Fossils can be small or enormous, from tiny sea creatures, fish to large mammoths and dinosaurs. However unusually only part found a complete skeletal system would be a very special find!
Fossil hunting is a pursuit enjoyed by many and can be casually followed by most. Although planning and safety on any trip should be paramount.
A great way of getting the kids and everyone out in the fresh air!
The magazine has a range of suppliers that stock a comprehensive range of fossils both native to the UK and from overseas.

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