by Michael Eastwood.
Be warned that this is a part 2 to the previously available ‘Crystal Oversoul Attunements’, however it can be used independently.
It contains 22 healing cards, book and 2 meditation CD’s.

The pack is glossy and is a nice gate folded box, the card images are graphic generated mandalas obviously using the ‘topic crystal’ as inspiration.
The booklet is a transcribe of the CD’s themselves so you can take time in understanding the messages provided. The authors native language is English so listening to the CD’s we found after a while we could comfortably understand the spoken words without trying too hard.

As before the author produced the work from information intuitively passed to him from the ‘Oversouls’. The objective is to align & clear your aura and chakras in line with the current ‘new earth’ we now inhabit.
The Oversouls say the cards will help if your life force feels stuck or heavy helping you to get into the correct dimensional reality. too much ‘listening’.
Definately of consideration for those involved in using crystals with healing, therapies and visualisation / meditation techniques. Others may struggle!

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