Published Autumn 2013

rock and gem magazine issue 61 autumn 2013

This issue includes articles on:-

chlorine Minerals,

quartz and chalcedony part 2,

harrogate show report,

making jewellery with meteorites

mysterious carbonados,

Pre Munich show information

amber in edinburgh

fossil news, gemstone & general news, crystal shop & website directories, listings, letters

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dear reader

No not yet…we're not quite ready for the on come of autumn but let's hope the amount of sunshine so far will be enough to fortify us for the cooler weather.
Still autumn is filled with an abundance of shows not least the Munich Mineral show more details on page 24, there's also events closer to home on page 11.
We popped along to the Harrogate Rock Gem 'n' Bead show scheduled after the demise of the former BLMDA show at the same venue, there's a review on page 38.
Do let us know if you venture to any of these events, what do you find; was it more than worth the trip?
The cover picture 'The Screaming Man' is a spectacular gold nugget from Australia which will be on display at the Munich Show, of course gold is the feature for their 50th anniversary year. Luckily there won't be anyone from the Gold Rush TV show there!
Nature can show us many interesting things especially in stone, we've seen a whole host of images from people's minerals, from faces, geometric shapes to animals, do you have a noteworthy stone in an unusual shape or one that contains an interesting image you'd like to share with us, please send your images to us at the magazine newsdesk@rockngemmagazine. in the largest/detailed format (preferably 300dpi) you can manage and we will feature it in an upcoming issue.
Although it is only autumn the 2014 event diary is filling fast so for those of you that exhibit, attend and visit shows and events throughout the year now is a good time to get ahead and start planning, there's only so many weekends in a year and it's best not to double book!
Steve, Hannah, Jack, Max & team…

To see a list of mineral, crystal, gemstone, fossil shows/events both UK and worldwide visit our show page, if you organise or know of a show please get in touch to list it here.

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