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The Raden technique is an ancient skill from Japan that takes wafer thin slivers of mother of pearl shell and embeds it into resin to add an iridescent shimmer and sparkle.

 Tracey delivers a full programme of silver clay workshops from her own studio in Yorkshire but travels far and wide to other venues such as colleges, galleries and art centres, to deliver a range of workshops that appeal to the complete beginner as well as the progressing enthusiast.

Learners are inspired and gain knowledge and confidence in working with metal clay.

raden techniquestep

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1. Cut out the paper pattern accurately and prepare all the rest of your tools in front of you.






raden technique step 2. Breakoff half the clay to roll out onto a none-stick surface using 1mm spacer bars.
Generously apply badger balm to the paper to prevent it sticking to the clay. Lay the paper pattern on top of the clay. Use a clay pick or needle tool to cut around the outline.





raden techniquestep 3. Generously apply badger balm to a cocktail stick. Lay the stick along the length of the shaft. Now wrap the clay around the cocktail stick until the edges meet. Use a little paste or syringe to adhere the edges together. Shape the petal into an attractive shape. Set to dry in the oven on 130°C for a minimum of 20mins.





raden techniquestep 4. the first flower petal is dry, sand and refine using sanding grits and polishing papers to achieve a smooth and flawless look.






raden techniquestep 5. Use the first flower petal to create a mould using the two part silicone moulding compound. This will help to cradle the second piece during drying to achieve symmetry or a matching pair of earrings.







step 6. Fire the pieces then wire brush and polish to the desired shine. Insert a ball end head pin through the shaft. Use black permanent marker pen to provide the background colour on the inside area of the petal. When dry, apply a very thin layer of resin then insert the shell fragments and cure under UV light. Finally, apply one last layer of the resin and cure again.



Materials and Tools
10g Silver Art Clay
Cocktail sticks
1mm spacer bars
A little syringe
Paste type
Badger balm or olive oil
Clay picks or Craft knife
Tissue blade
Sanding grits
Polishing papers
Wire brush
Small file
Paint brush
Clear UV Resin
Mother of Pearl
UV light box
Tel: 07961 883115

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