book review - Crystals and Sacred Sites

Use Crystals to access the power of sacred landscapes for personal and planetary transformation.
by Judy Hall
280mm x 215mm, 192 pages, R.R.P. £12.99

Having been ‘called’ to visit various locations around the world and being ‘somewhat’ of a ‘crystal fan’ I selected this book for a review this issue.

 rock and gem magazine issue 63

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I’m now aware that I have been a ‘sacred tourist’ and probably still am!

Another new term that I hadn’t heard before is psychogeology, not listed in any reference dictionary but concisely interpreted as a “branch of the geosciences that deals with the interplay between the human mind and geology, not in an analytical, medical, or academic sense, but in the way that rocks and other geologic phenomena influence our thoughts and actions”.

An explanatory few pages discuss the selection and impact of living in certain ‘energetic’ areas chosen by past civilisations due to the geology of the area, most common being places of worship and prayer.

Following is an overview on using crystals to connect to ancient sites not particularly using crystals from that site but crystals that carry the same resonance with it, also methods of care, preparation and focus are suggested.

The majority of the book encompasses 25 chapters, a chapter for each sacred areas chosen for the book for example entitled “the cosmic portal” Mount Shasta, California and Mount Shasta blue opal, “the heart chakra of the world” Glastonbury, England & Ammonite, ”meeting the mother of god” Medjugorje, bosnia-herzegovina and blue quartz etc.

A brief description of the location is supplied along with a detailed explanation of a selected crystal/stone that the area is known for, also provided is a brief meditation to do with your chosen stone, a list of alternative crystals is supplied as well, however we were more than a little disappointed (ed. call us old school) to see reference to laboratory manufactured ruby lavender quartz listed with a note saying it was available from an outlet at the location.

Chapter 10 had another anomaly for us with the 9/11 memorial USA and Hiroshima peace memorial, Japan, with the associated stone being a herkimer Quartz.

Throughout the book the crystals and minerals are represented by either natural, or polished examples of differing mineral qualities other images of the sacred sites, older map references and some diagrams are also included to further explain the myths, legends and lore associated withe the site. All chapters have a small insert headed “what this site offers you” and contains concise bullet points such as “connection with the awesome power of the earth”

The book ends with acknowledgements, index and a little about the author, who has to be commended for her prolific writings on crystals (along with other Mind, Body Spirit topics) her concise Crystal Bible range no doubt has usurped the previous go to crystal healing books of ‘yesterday’.

The positive meditations and information are definitely of interest for those that pursue crystals in a therapeutic light. I do like that the book references a list of mostly ancient sites that I’m sure we’d all benefit from visiting, having been lucky and ventured to quite a few to gain my own connection I can see the book could definitely be of help to those that would like to explore these sites further, or wonder what they’re all about. However at over 3/4 Kg not sure many would take it with them whilst travelling and it’s more likely to be on the coffee table at home.


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