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A list of shows supplied by organisers, contact us to add your event, even better advertise in the magazine to reach your target audience.

Rock Gem n Bead Shows & Gem n Bead shows (formerly Rock n Gem) everything natural crystal, mineral, fossil, gemstone, and mineral beads numerous events throughout the year. Combined with Gem 'n' Bead shows - crystal, mineral, fossil, gemstone, and mineral beads and every type of material bead including organic, synthetic, glass etc numerous events throughout the year often combined with the Rock Gem n Bead Shows

Munich Mineral Show One of the largest mainland Europe Events held at the end of October

Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society Show Annual November event

Euro Mineral Euro Gem Annual June event held in France

Tucson Gem & Mineral Society Show Held Annually at the end of the Tucson show month in February

To see a list of mineral, crystal, gemstone, fossil shows/events both UK and worldwide visit our show page, if you organise or know of a show please get in touch to list it here.

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